KPF Programmes

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Motivational/Inspirational Talks


The Kiyan Prince Foundation covers a wide range of issues that affect young people today, including; Anger, Consequences of knife crime, negative & violent behaviour, Achieving their full potential to name but a few .The motivational speaking has a huge impact on young people, opening up their hearts and minds to allow change to begin.


Boot Camp Training


The boot camp training sessions have proven to give young people a feeling of belonging to a group that use physical training to develop the values and qualities needed to lead successful and productive lives.


Educational Workshops


In our 12 week workshop programmes we have an opportunity to work alongside, support and mentor young people. The workshops allow The KPF to develop a relationship with young people, improving their chances of success.


Fitness Focus Partnership


Working in conjunction with Focus Fitness, The KPF is able to get 24 & overs trained to a Level 2 & 3 diploma certification with opportunities to gain employment or self-employment in the fitness industry.


To book any of the above programmes, please fill in the online form by clicking here.