KPF, Jeff Creswell and Jamie Oliver

Jeff Creswell was previously involved in violent crime and drugs, which resulted in him being stabbed.

KPF successfully mentored him and he has now graduated, is employed and is working in one of Jamie Oliver’s kitchens!

This is another clear success story in relation to the type of work that KPF is doing and how its programs work. We are going to be adding in the coming months profiles of plenty more youth that KPF has helped progress forwards.


Nick Barron (and all the staff that supported him from Halfords in Hemel Hempstead) raise £1,000 for KPF

KPF would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Barron (and all the staff that supported him from Halfords in Hemel Hempstead) in relation to raising £1,000 to help run a summer bootcamp program for the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

Nick, who is a manager at Halfords contacted KPF recently and had a meeting with the its Director and Founder: Mark Prince. He shared a very painful story about a wonderful young man named Billy Dove. Billy, a 21-year-old trainee motor mechanic had been out celebrating Fireworks Night last November with friends when he was fatally stabbed with a single blow to the chest while trying to break up a large brawl. This murder affected Nick which in turn led him to contact KPF whos aim is to tackle the prevalence of knife culture in our communities.

Nick Barron decided to do a sponsored bike ride and in a few hours on a rainy (summers) day he managed to raise a very useful amount of money for KPF.

KPF would like those that raise money to see how there efforts have affected the community.

Check out our program links for updates/interviews from young people who have had access to our program’s because of fundraisers’ efforts.

Thank you so much, without you guys we cannot reach our goals.

If you would like to fundraise for KPF please contact one of the KPF team members using the link below:

KPF Track on I-Tunes with Masterlinx

The KPF track with Masterlinx was put together after Sarah Smith who is now on KPF team as our film/video director organised a meeting with Masterlinx and the rest of the group members with an idea to do a track with a positive message against knife crime for those people that wanted to support us.

The money raised will support KPF to deliver talks to more vunerable young people in our communities and allow youth to understand how painful knife crime is to everyone in our community.

It was not in the original plan for KPF’s founder Mark Prince to feature in the track but it was decided that it would be a good idea for him to write some lyrics and he laid it down.

Please click on the link below to download the KPF track with Masterlinx though I-Tunes and support the movement:

To download the KPF track with Masterlinx through I-Tunes and support the movement CLICK HERE

Waltham Abbey stabbing victim to complete walk for knife charity

THE victim of a horrific stabbing in Waltham Abbey is walking from London to Brighton to fundraise for an anti-knife crime charity.

Shane Yerrell, 28, was stabbed in the head on Halloween 2008 in a random attack near his home, leaving him with a wound 2.5in deep.

Now Shane is raising money for the Kiyan Prince Foundation – a charity set up by ex-boxer Mark Prince in memory of his son Kiyan, who was stabbed to death aged 15 in 2006.

Shane, who lives in Mayfield, said: “When I was attacked I was out looking for my dog who had run out of the house.

“I was walking through a field in the dark, then I felt what I thought was a punch to the side of the head, and there were two masked men.

“I got away and still thought it was a punch, but I could feel blood on the side of my face. When I got to the hospital they told me that I’d had a laceration of the head.”

As well as his charity walk, Shane is also holding a fundraising night in Waltham Abbey on April 28, with a live band and DJ. Last year Shane climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise £1,400 for the Rob Knox Foundation – a charity set up by the family of another victim of knife crime.

Shane, who is training part-time to be a counsellor, said: “With knife crimes, even before my attack I was always disgusted to someone that could do that, and didn’t understand why anyone would go to those lengths.

“There are lots of other ways to solve a situation – if you use a knife then you must know there’s a good chance you will take someone’s life. Then their family has lost them forever because you have been careless. It’s unnecessary, full stop.

“For me it’s not about being a victim, it’s about helping someone else. I was lucky and was out of hospital the next morning, but others aren’t.

“The Kiyan Prince foundation does a lot of work talking to people who have committed knife crimes, and a lot of talks. It’s inspiring because Mark Prince could have had a negative reaction to his son being killed, but he’s come back from it and made a positive difference, and it takes a certain type of person to do that.”




On Wednesday 17th August 2011 Leroy Travis James aged 14yrs was taken from this world in tragic circumstances. He is sadly missed by family, friends and all who knew him. His loss has had such a profound effect that words cannot begin to express…

I would appreciate it if you would take time out to read this piece.

I am writing for Leroy James and all of the young people who have been incorrectly labeled and disenfranchised by society. I am writing as a mum who like other mums worry every time her sons go out of the door.

I commend the fathers, like Mr James Senior who love, nurture and support their children. I know there are many of you out there. Its so important…Please read.
I returned to the house with the intention of doing some work having spent an afternoon with a friend. I had just settled down at the computer when the telephone rang; it was my eldest son telling me that one of the boys had been hurt. Waves of panic gathered up and rose from my stomach to the back of my throat. I could feel the start of a scream slowly escaping. My son sensed this and sharply told me “be calm mum, listen”. He quickly followed, “it’s not the boys mum, its Leroy; he’s been stabbed”….. He said “mum we think he’s dead, all the kids are panicking” “can you go and get them?” “Please mum, can you go and find them now”.

I dropped the phone; realising that I needed to be calm for the kids I made a mental note to hold onto my composure. I threw on my coat and ran out to look for them.
I found the kids across the green at my friend’s house. There they sat in the front room. Pain, worry and Panic in their faces; waiting for an adult, wanting to hear a voice of reason, not knowing what to do.

They told me that Leroy had been stabbed in the park and one of the other boys had been arrested. I will not relate all of the events out of respect to the family. There will be an investigation pending that I would do not wish to prejudice.

Subsequently when we received the call that Leroy had passed away….The boys wept…..
Back at the house they were in disbelief, talking and crying intermittently until late into the night. I listened to these young men not interupting. They talked about Leroy, they talked about his father, Mr James Senior and how he cared for his son. They talked about their own fathers who were absent and didn’t support them. They said that if anything happened to them there would be no dad to cry over them.

These were intelligent courageous eloquent young people who were just trying to get on with their lives. They have a right to expect a future. They have a right to live. They were not the hooded gang bangers as reported in the press.

I could feel the enormity and depth of their pain. The constant negative stereotyping had affected their well being. Deeply saddened and all too aware of the prejudiced accusatory perceptions that labelled them all as ignorant illiterate trouble makers. This is just not true, but how do we overcome this.

This was the boy like all the other boys who rode his bike across the green. This was the boy who played football with my sons.This was the boy who had stood in the kitchen that very Monday eating stir fry with my boys. This was the boy…….
Later as I sat in the kitchen, I cried.

I cried for Leroy Travis James, a boy from around the way just like one of my children. I cried for my sons and all of the young people who were just trying to be. I cried for the hurt caused by neglect from absent fathers. I cried because many young people, particularly boys feel that they are no one because their dads do not notice them. I cried for their safety and their right to have life, to have a future. I cried for a whole generation of young black boys who have been demonised by the press and wider society. I cried because I am a mum who has tried to teach her boys to be men.
But most of all I cried for Mr James senior who, at that late hour, still stood at the park gates, crying, waiting for his son to come home………

(Patricia McCleod)



The Kiyan Prince Foundation want to be a support in any way they can to help families who are affected by this terrible crime hence a memorial page in loving memory of Leroy, to help raise money for the family.

We often forget how these terrible tragedies create financial problems for those mourning and many well wishers express their condolences, wanting to help in some way, not understanding how invaluable practical help can be.

Please support Leroy James’ family in their grief by helping to ease the financial burden of burying their son.

Thank you all for giving, God bless you and let us never waiver in our commitment to put young people first by living a life that’s an example to them all.

Please help us by texting “KPFF11 £5″ to 70070 and donate just £5 to support Leroy Jame’s family.

Alternatively you can make a payment directly into our bank account:

Sort code: 20-20-65
Account number: 03157512
Account name: The Kiyan Prince Foundation
Bank: Barclays

Please use your initial, surname and mention Leroy James Donation as reference so we can acknowledge receipt of your contribution.

God bless you all
Mark Prince

LoveLife September Tour

The KPF will be joining forces with Syrus Consultancy and will be delivering a series of motivational talks across schools, colleges, young offenders institutions, secure units and prisons across September.

Each venue visited will take in a captivating theatrical musical performance that de-glamorises crime and prison in a powerful, honest and thought provoking way coupled with a motivational talk and question and answer session.

The tour is being led by ex-offender, author, spoken word artist and motivational speaker Chris Syrus and will be supported by producer/guitarist David Wehinm and internationally recognised singer Randy Valentine with motivational speeches from KPF’s Mark Prince.

Big props to the designer Keisha Ferrell at advertising company Primesight for all her creativity and hardwork putting the posters together.

KPF at the One Love Festival (31 July 2011 at Wembley Arena)

KPF has been invited down this year to the One Love Peace Festival on 31 July 2011 at Wembley Arena. The KPF will be taking to the stage for a short time to help spread the positive anti-knife message that they bring and muster up support for more people to get involved with the work that they are carrying out by empowering the youth of today.

The line up to the event looks excellent with performances from Kymani Marley, Busta Rhymes, Levi Roots, Sean Paul, Gyptian and much more. If you would like to find out more details about the event or buy tickets just click here

8 Marathons across the Middle Eastern desert in 6 days!

When he is not out in a helicopter or in the A&E saving lives: HEMS doctor and KPF’s senior advisory board member Major Thomas Konig enjoys a spot of running. This is no jog around Hyde Park however, he will be taking part in the Jordan Ultra Marathon on 3 September 2011 which involves running 360 km over 6 days starting in Wadi Rum and covering Jordan’s historic sites and deserts before finishing in the ancient city of Petra. Please support Tom and others that are undertaking this intense challenge by clicking here

To see Tom in action on Channel 4’s “24 Hours in A&E” program that aired on 22 June 2011 pleaseCLICK HERE

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